sugar & spice

Sugar & Spice was founded by a young trio of best friends that share the same passion. Over 10 years in the restaurant industry and with their roots from Vietnam and Thailand, they are here to bring something new to Oslo's blooming food scene.


Tony dao 

General manager

Tony moved to Norway to persuade a career in the restaurant industry. He quickly found his passion in life as he started working in restaurants at a young age of 13.


Now 14 years later he got the opportunity to co-found SUGAR & SPICE  after dedicating many years working in some of the  most successful asian restaurant groups in Oslo such as Dinnergruppen, Fursetgruppen and the very international known Hakkasan Group

Mitchell nguyen
co-owner, executive chef

Born and raised in Sweden, Mitchell moved to Norway as soon as he finished culinary school. He started as an intern for various restaurants around town until he got the opportunity to work for Choo where he found his passion in the asian cuisine.

During his later years he dedicated his time working for the asian fine dining restaurant, Sawan, where he started off as a line cook and eventually claimed the title as head chef, at the mere age of 25. 



Born in Denmark and raised in Sweden. Kim's been working  in the restaurant industry her whole life. She started working for her family restaurant at a very young age, but decided to move to Norway to pursue her own career. Hotel and restaurant management was her main focus the early years in Norway until she got the opportunity to work with social media marketing.

However, her passion for food still grows stronger. SUGAR & SPICE is her vision of bringing something new and modern to the restaurant industry.